About the Conference

The International Diamond Open Access Journals Conference brings together multiple global perspectives to explore critical topics in Diamond Open Access publishing. With presentations from editors, institutional publishers, and publishing industry experts, the event provides a unique forum to expand networks, learn about new trends in open access publishing and take away actionable insights for increasing global visibility for journals.

    With a mix of presentations, panels and interactive workshops, the conference addresses numerous themes, including:
  • Growing and measuring your journal's impact
  • Using Diamond OA Journals to enhance your international reputation
  • New tools to jumpstart journal success

Diamond Open Access

Diamond Open Access is a model for journal publishing with no fees for readers or authors. In recent years, the Diamond OA model has opened space for emerging research, innovative formats, and diverse voices. Spurred by significant shifts in the global research and publishing landscapes, this model is often used at the university, national, or societal level and provides a compelling entry point to internationalization for journals publishing in local languages, on regional issues, or non-STM disciplines.

Conference Organizers - Digital Commons

Digital Commons, part of Elsevier's Research Intelligence solution suite, is a best-in-class turnkey solution for institutions to openly publish, manage, and promote the full spectrum of their work. Built for discovery, our cloud-hosted software includes a professional-grade publishing platform for Diamond OA journals as well as digital repository workflows. Over 600 institutions — and growing — use Digital Commons to preserve and promote their intellectual output and expertise.