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Thursday, November 10th
9:00 AM

DC All-Stars

Aaron Doran, Digital Commons
Benny Nyikos, Digital Commons
Elizabeth Jennings, Digital Commons
Jennifer Pesetsky, Digital Commons
Jessica Robles, Digital Commons

9:00 AM

In this community-favorite event, we celebrate the creativity and successes of the DC Community. Four IR and journal superstars are recognized for their unique journeys and best-practices in building thriving IR and journals programs.

10:00 AM

Research Data Management: We Have Liftoff!

Luca Belletti, Digital Commons

10:00 AM

Join us for an out-of-this-world RDM journey to DC Data and beyond.

11:00 AM

Reaching for the Stars: A Publishing Roundtable

Promita Chatterji, Digital Commons
Ellen Amatangelo, Brigham Young University
Graig Donini, HCA Journal of Medicine
Kyle Morgan, Cal Poly Humboldt Library

11:00 AM

Join a group of DC editors and publishers in a conversation about building impactful journals and publishing programs. Topics of discussion include:

  • Professionalize your journals: key actions to take
  • What to consider when launching a library publishing program
  • How to prepare your journal for the indexing process
  • Marketing and social media
  • Next Generation journals: new trends in the journal landscape

12:20 PM

Light Years of Lightning Talks - Session 4.1

Ann Connolly, Digital Commons
Reagan L. Grimsley, University of Alabama in Huntsville
Greg Murphy, Pace University
Eddie Cruz, Pace University
Helena Marvin, University of Missouri-St. Louis
Todd Seguin, Western Kentucky University
Heidi J. Southworth, Minnesota State University, Mankato
Jackie Werner, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

12:20 PM

Join us for a series of inspirational and educational lightning talks by members of the Digital Commons community, for members of the Digital Commons community. Session 4.1 hosted by Ann Connolly, Digital Commons.

Reagan L. Grimsley, University of Alabama in Huntsville
Promoting Undergraduate Research Via Digital Commons: UAH Research or Creative Experience for Undergraduates (RCEU) Program

Identifying campus partners who will benefit from the Digital Commons Institutional Repository is a crucial part of the implementation process. At the University of Alabama in Huntsville, the Research or Creative Experience for Undergraduates, or RCEU, is a robust summer program which produces high quality research. Working with the UAH Director of Undergraduate Research, we were able to migrate these posters from their prior digital home and create a unique collection of undergraduate research materials which both highlight and showcase the summer academic research of our students. We were also able to ingest the project proposals, which show the work process of both faculty mentors and students. Digital Commons offers a much higher level of visibility than our old platform and a greater circulation of this specific work product.

Greg Murphy and Eddie Cruz, Pace University
Publishing the Publishing Theses

We recently uploaded almost 1,000 theses from the Publishing department at Pace University utilizing the bulk upload system. I will be talking about this project, copyright concerns regarding theses, metadata challenges, and access control to the collection.

Helena “Lena” Marvin, University of Missouri-St. Louis
OER in the DCX

Open Educational Resources look great in Digital Commons, and fantastic in a Digital Commons Exhibit. At my institution we found out what OER was being used by which instructors and using the power of the five Rs of OER, we're retraining and redistributing those OERs in our IR and showcasing them in DCX. I'll explain how and why you should too!

Todd Seguin, Western Kentucky University
Connecting with the Community: Genealogical Resources in the IR

Genealogy materials are a popular request at Western Kentucky University’s Special Collections Library. Between 2018 and 2020, librarians and staff worked together to upload three regional genealogical newsletters to expand access and address university wide strategic initiatives. We will look at the download numbers and locations to draw some conclusions about the popularity and success of this project.

Heidi J. Southworth, Minnesota State University, Mankato
Mapping South Central Minnesota: An Aerial Photograph Digitization Project

In 2021, a team consisting of Evan Rusch (Government Documents/Reference and Instruction Librarian), Nicole Smith (Maps Technician), Heidi Southworth (Digital Initiatives Librarian), and student workers Britney Hartmann, Samuel Lemma, Jasmyne Fisher began digitization of 27,441 unique aerial photographs. These aerial photographs are from the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) District 7 covering south central Minnesota from 1957-2006. They are housed in the Dr. Mary T. Dooley Map Library at Minnesota State University, Mankato. These photographs are heavily utilized by students and faculty in our geography and engineering departments and by other researchers who visit our campus. Through digitization, we have not only aided in their preservation but expanded access to these unique materials, making them available to a global audience for study. Now, one year later, we have successfully digitized 32.47% of the collection and have added 18% of the photographs to our institutional repository, Cornerstone. This lightning talk will share this unique and complex project and show the new interactive ArcGIS map that Graduate Assistant Ira Raber created that is found on the gallery’s home page and updated as we add digitized photographs.

Jackie Werner, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
2 Good 2 Be 4Gotten: Virtual "Yearbooks" on the DigitalCommons

After COVID disrupted campus life at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, DO student yearbooks were discontinued. In response, librarians and the campus photographer collaborated to preserve the wealth of photography for future generations on the DigitalCommons. This talk will cover the opportunities and challenges of this ongoing project.

Light Years of Lightning Talks - Session 4.2

Luca Belletti, Digital Commons
Amanda Schwartz MLIS, Providence St. Joseph Health
Tabitha Y. Samuel MLIS, Medical University of South Carolina
Steven J. Moore MSLIS, Sladen Library, Henry Ford Health
Ashley N. Chu, Taylor University
Alice Sherwood, The Texas Medical Center Library

12:20 PM

Join us for a series of inspirational and educational lightning talks by members of the Digital Commons community, for members of the Digital Commons community. Session 4.2 hosted by Luca Belletti, Digital Commons.

Amanda Schwartz, MLIS, Providence
Peer Review Validation: A Helpful Process for Tracking Scholarly Activity

After successful and ongoing use of Providence Digital Commons as a system-wide research repository, an ask from research administrators determined a new repository goal: tracking peer reviewed publications. In early 2021, administrators in our system research department requested a way to track existing and future peer reviewed publications captured on our institutional repository. Library staff formulated a plan to run reports collecting publications on the repository, cross-comparing titles against databases and searching publisher sites to confirm peer review status. Library staff organized information into cumulative and monthly reporting documents. Gathering information about peer reviewed versus non-peer reviewed publications took substantial staff time to complete. After the initial list was completed, it was unveiled to research administration and well-received as a form of tracking and validating scholarly output on the repository. While this project is live, it remains in its early stages. In the future, library staff hopes to refine the work flow it created.

Tabitha Y. Samuel, MLIS, Medical University of South Carolina
The Opened Door: Building Author Engagement through Tailored Information Sessions and Developing an Author Toolkit

Obtaining institutional commitment and “buy-in” for a repository based at an academic health sciences institution has significant rewards for the institution and its authors. Achieving this, however, can be challenging given the professional and academic demands of the institution’s authors, ranging from students to clinicians. Building author buy-in and commitment starts with engagement. In this lightning talk, the Digital Archivist of the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) will discuss MUSC’s strategies for building its engagement with its authors, including offering departmental information sessions and developing its author toolkit, and the relationships across the university that have resulted from its efforts to garner increased buy-in for its institutional repository, MEDICA@MUSC.

Steven J. Moore, MSLIS, Sladen Library, Henry Ford Health
Dashboard Confessional: Moving Behind-the-Scenes Metrics to the Spotlight

Now in its fourth year as an institutional repository, Henry Ford Health’s Scholarly Commons has hit its stride, gaining more internal and external readers than ever before. This spring I created and executed a marketing campaign to showcase to Henry Ford Health medical education and hospital leadership the tools in Scholarly Commons that are available to track scholarly activity and promote their research. A primary focus is the repository dashboard, a behind-the-scenes look at usage metrics on a specific department's authors and their works. In this lightning talk I will share my campaign strategy, the tools I used to create promotional materials, tips for vying for attention of busy physicians, and the results of this promotional effort.

Ashley N. Chu, Taylor University
Showcasing Archives-Inspired Undergraduate Student Artwork in Digital Commons Exhibits

Last year, Taylor University commemorated its 175th anniversary, and academic departments were encouraged to incorporate aspects of Taylor history into their course content where applicable. A first-time collaboration between the Archives and Art departments resulted in a multifaceted experience where students designed a work of art based on historical research using IR digital heritage collections. The artwork was exhibited on campus near the Archives and through a Digital Commons Exhibit.

Alice Sherwood, The Texas Medical Center Library
Bringing Open Access Peer-Reviewed Journals to the Community and Beyond: Using DigitalCommons@TMC As Example

Open Access Journals through its novel initiative is committed to bring forth genuine and reliable scientific contributions to the relevant community. DigitalCommons@TMC currently has 8 open-access, peer-reviewed journals in various medical disciplines, with the first one, Family Preservation Journal started in 1995, and the most recent, Journal of Shock and Hemodynamics launched this past summer. With a a LibGuide, "DigitalCommons@TMC Start Guide" and collaboration with faculty and staff with supporting institutions, this is a platform to encourage faculty/staff/student publication, share research for the community and beyond.

1:30 PM

Feedback Session

Elizabeth Kaesmann, Digital Commons
Saad Khan, Digital Commons

1:30 PM

A feedback session where DC users can meet the DC team, ask questions, network, and share feedback as a group.