Most Recent Additions*


OER in Your IR: How your institutional repository can support open education
Helena Marvin, Jessica Ryan, and Promita Chatterji


Powering your Institutional Showcase with Niche Collections
Chip Wolfe, Michelle Emmanuel, and Promita Chatterji


Light Years of Lightning Talks - Session 3.2
Luca Belletti, Rachel Evans, Erin Rushton, Caitlin Holton, Jacob Nunnally, Ashley D.R. Sergiadis, Kyle Johnson, and Rachel Walton


Light Years of Lightning Talks - Session 3.1
Promita Chatterji, Jonathan Jiras, Lee Dotson, Bobby Ciullo, Lily Dubach, Kerri Bottorff, Karen Ramsden, Darren Sweeper, Adam Duguay, and Ellen Neuhaus


3-2-1-Launch! Building Out-of-this-World Exhibits with DCX
Ann Connolly, Heidi Benedict, Susan McMullen, and Erica Finch


Feedback Session
Elizabeth Kaesmann and Saad Khan


Light Years of Lightning Talks - Session 4.2
Luca Belletti, Amanda Schwartz MLIS, Tabitha Y. Samuel MLIS, Steven J. Moore MSLIS, Ashley N. Chu, and Alice Sherwood


Light Years of Lightning Talks - Session 4.1
Ann Connolly, Reagan L. Grimsley, Greg Murphy, Eddie Cruz, Helena Marvin, Todd Seguin, Heidi J. Southworth, and Jackie Werner


Reaching for the Stars: A Publishing Roundtable
Promita Chatterji, Ellen Amatangelo, Graig Donini, and Kyle Morgan


DC All-Stars
Aaron Doran, Benny Nyikos, Elizabeth Jennings, Jennifer Pesetsky, and Jessica Robles


Hitchhiker's Guide to the Digital Commons Galaxy: The Product Roadmap
Ann Connolly, Luca Belletti, Promita Chatterji, and Saad Khan


A Warm Welcome
Ann Connolly


Closing Remarks
Jean-Gabriel Bankier

*Updated as of 11/28/23.